XULONG SPRING received IATF 16949 certificate again -certified china spring factory

XULONG SPRING received IATF 16949 certificate again

we are proud to announce that XULONG SPRING received its IATF16949 again after a series of rigorous approval processes this past January, with XULONG SPRING being certificated in 2018 for the first time.It will allow us to keep growing in automotive market, and it will also ,of course, enhance the competitive power of our whole system beyond doubt.

Evidenced by achieving  IATF16949 certification again, XULONG SPRING is committed to quality in spring production and services including spring design.our dedicated colleagues will also take heart from this occasion and consolidate our working flow such as production part approval processes(PPAP) to make sure the high quality springs supplied to our customers.

IATF 16949 certifciation of XULONG SPRING

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