XULONG SPRING purchased a 300KN load tester - a professional spring manufacturer of custom springs and wire forms

XULONG SPRING purchased a 300KN load tester

The value that customers should always come first is always kept in our minds, even under the tough condition of panic,we still purchased a huge new spring tester which can measure load up to 30 Ton, as long as the requirements of customer are not met.

The purchased ST-300 spring tester own features as follow:


H-Frame servo driven, PC operated

Extension and Compression Modes

Load capacity: 300KN

Minimum resolution: 100N

Accuracy: ±10N at 1000N and better than ±100N at 300000N. (ISO 7500/1 Class 0.5)

Standard Stroke 1200mm

Plate Diameter: Ø450mm


With this new advanced tool, more precise springs will be supplied to our customers to support them and make their intelligent idea come to reality, under stricter environment, and we will stick to our original motive: make the world better with qualify springs!

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