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Wire form

Wire forms are wires that have been bent into a specific shape to meet some using demand, wire forms made by XULNG SPRING almost can come out with any configuration with our CNC wire forming machines, and the wire size up to 10mm, wound wire or shaped wire, rectangular wire are not hard to purchase here in China, also there are many types of material to choose, spring steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, iron steel and so on.

How we manufacture wire from

When we get your inquire of wire forms, we will check the drawing to value if they are in our range, if design assistance needed, our technical department will go to great lengths to help you.
After drawing confirmed, we will prepare material and tooling(dies), some tooling may need outsource, tooling are very important to keep the wire forms made correctly.
Finally, the process comes to production, usually these wire forms will be made with our CNC wire forming machines, with the feeder, wire is fed into wire forming machine and is bent around the tooling to make correct shape.

Benefit you can get from our wire form

Over 40 years of experience on wire form(wire spring)
Almost any wire form can be made here with size up to 10mm
Low cost and fast production due to our advanced CNC wire forming machines
Easy to purchase raw material as we located in the leading manufacturing base of China
Design service, our technical department guys are really passionate with these wire forms
MOQ: 1 piece, means no MOQ, no matter how many pieces of wire form you need, we are always here.

Some applications of our wire form

wire form can be seen in almost every industry, we also served lots of industries like hand tool, office furniture, outdoor equipment, electricity, automotive and so on.
And in one word, no matter what kinds of wire form you want, no matter what industry you are in, just contact us, we are longing explore new applications of wire form.

Ordering wire form

Ordering your wire form, it’s very simple, just click the magic button below, a new world is coming!


some of our wire form products

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