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Hot wound spring, also named hot roll spring, hot coil spring or heavy duty industry spring, lots of descriptions, key point is such springs are coiled in red-hot condition, as its wire diameter is very big.

XULONG SPRING have been digging in spring manufacturing field for over 40 years, and we started this business in 1979 with manufacturing hot wound springs which used in elevators, after development of so many years, we are capable of making various of customized springs with wire up to 60mm, and hot roll spring plant is still our important part, and our hot roll springs are used in lots of industries.

We are still passionate to explore more applications for our hot roll springs.

hot wound springs on coiling

Manufacturing capability of hot roll spring/hot wound spring

For springs whose wire less than 20mm, we make them in cold coiling way, and spring wire(bar diameter) bigger than 20mm, we choose hot coiling way, or the springs will be cracked during the process of coiling/winding, at any time, we are always on standby to offer our distinguished service and spring products: Bar diameter: up to 60mm Developed length: 18m

Finish of huge springs

for hot wound springs and hot roll springs, less choice than smaller wire springs.

  • Oil
  • painting
  • peen shotting
hot wound spring

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