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1. Introduction to Overhead Door Springs

Overhead door springs are an essential component of any garage door system. They are responsible for counterbalancing the weight of the garage door, making it possible to open and close the door with ease. Without these springs, opening and closing a garage door would require a significant amount of physical effort and could potentially cause damage to the door and the opener.

Overhead door springs come in a variety of types and sizes to accommodate different garage door systems. They are typically made of steel and are designed to withstand the stress and tension associated with the weight of the garage door. Overhead door springs are available in torsion spring and extension spring configurations, each of which operates differently and requires different installation and maintenance techniques.

overhead door spring torsion spring
garage door torsion spring

2. Types of Overhead Door Springs We Manufacture

As a professional spring manufacturer, we can make all types of garage door springs. However, we primarily manufacture overhead door torsion springs due to high demand. These are sorted into residential overhead door springs (which we refer to as R springs) and commercial overhead door springs (C springs), with the latter having multiple inside diameters ranging from 1-3/4″ to 6″.

3. Materials used in our overhead door springs

We use different types of steel, such as oil-tempered steel, high carbon steel, and carbon steel 82B (which is close to music wire), as well as oil-tempered alloy steel for higher quality requirements. We have strict incoming testing procedures, including size, tensile strength, and metallography testing.

4. Surface treatment for our overhead door springs

We offer a variety of surface treatment options for our overhead door springs, such as powder coating, zinc coating, electro-coating, and oil surface treatment. We recommend electro-coating due to its economic cost and effective rust prevention characteristics.

electro-coated overhead door springs
various of overhead door springs

5. Manufacturing processes of overhead door springs

Our manufacturing process for overhead door springs includes coiling, heat treatment, surface treatment, stenciling, and packing.

The manufacturing process of overhead door springs typically begins with the selection of high-quality wire material, which is then fed into the CNC spring coiler. The machine is programmed with the desired specifications of the spring, such as its diameter, length, and pitch. The wire is then fed through the machine’s coiling point and is formed into the desired shape by the coiling mechanism.

After the spring is formed, it is subjected to heat treatment process to enhance its strength and durability. Heat treatment involves subjecting the spring to high temperatures, which improve its mechanical properties, such as hardness and toughness. 

Then it comes to suraface treatment,usually we choose e-coating as overhead door springs’surface treatment.E-coating, also known as electrocoating or electrophoretic painting, is a common surface treatment method used in the manufacturing of overhead door springs. It is a process in which an electrically charged coating material is deposited onto a conductive surface, such as a metal spring, through an immersion bath.

Finally come to packing process, we usually pack overhead door springs with wood crates as per customer’s quantity request, and stickers  on crated will be confirmed by customers in advance.

6. Quality testing of our overhead door springs

We conduct tests from the raw material inspection to before-shipping inspection. For raw material inspection, we test the size, tensile strength, and conduct metallographic analysis when necessary. During the manufacturing of overhead door springs, we have strict routing inspection processes, which allows us to correct issues on the spot. Before our overhead door springs enter our warehouse, we conduct final inspections and may reject any products that do not meet the customer’s requirements.

routing inspection of inside diameter of overhead door springs
overhead door springs

7. Packing and shipping of our overhead door springs

We typically package overhead door springs with crates of different sizes, depending on the type of spring. We pay close attention to the size of the crates to ensure they can be conveniently loaded onto the customer’s shelves.

packing of overhead door spring
laoding of overhead door springs

8. Why we are confident with our overhead door springs

We have a great deal of confidence in our overhead door springs due to our relationships with reliable steel suppliers, such as BAO STEEL, KOBE STEEL, and BEKAERT. We have been in the spring manufacturing business since 1979, accumulating decades of experience. We also have over 100 passionate colleagues who have worked for XULONG SPRING for over 25 years. Our TS16949 certification demonstrates our proven processes to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our overhead door springs, especially for JIT management.

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